A Huge Thank You To All My Friends Who Appear On This Album

 Fashion Zombie
(Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford / Bass - Andy Gupta)

 5 More Miles (Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford / Bass - Andy Gupta)

Monday Man (Lead Guitar - Bobby Clohessy / Keys - Paulo Gomes / Bass - Andy Gupta)

Rose of Stone (Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford)

This Side of Midnight (Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford / Bass - Andy Gupta)

Your Sun is Shining Through
(Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford)

 Magical Misery Tour (Lyrics - Donna Devine / Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford)

The Grinder (Lead Guitar - Mike Lovering)

 Creepy Crawlers (Lyrics - Casia / Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford /Keys - Jay Schankman)

The Dark Side of Your Mind (Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford)

 Too Pretty (Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford)

 The Howling Moon is Out Tonight (Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford)

Eat My Brain (Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford /Backing vocals Carol Sue Kirkpatrick / Screams - Vicky Woodford)

Twisted Little Dreams ( CoVocal - Tricia Dovidio / Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford / Bass - Andy Gupta)

 Evil Eye (Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford)

 In2U (Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford)

CBGB's (Lyrics - Johnny Ace Williams & Marty Brooke)

Ringtones (Lead Guitar - Mike Lovering)

 That Girl Shines (Lead Guitar - Mike Lovering)

 Hero to Zero  (Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford)

All lyrics, composing, playing, programming and production other than by my good friends
listed above is by me - Ian Burrage (Stoney)