The Grinder

 I Burrage

Somewhere in the night
You're gonna get a fright
Creeping up the darkened stair
Gonna be behind you ....... Grinder

Try and get to sleep
Counting evil sheep
Praying that I wont be there
Gonna get behind you ..... Grinder

Tossing, Turning, Screaming, Burning
The rigor of my grin
Shows I'm happy to come in
Creeping, Crawling, Tearing, Falling
The shiver down the skin
Of your twisted limb
The Grinder's in

V2 - Short
I'll follow you back home
And when you're all alone
My fingers will caress your neck
Gonna get behind you .......Grinder

I watch you as you dream
It's me that makes you scream
Just another cool nightmare
Gonna be behind you ......Grinder

A figure in the park
That shadow in the dark
A clown to terrify the fair
Gonna get behind you ....Grinder


Lead Guitar - Mike Lovering
Other stuff - Ian Burrage