The Dark Side of Your Mind


The Dark Side of Your Mind
I Burrage 2011

It's not....... My fault
It's not....... My fault

Even in your happiest of times
I am with you, I still know you
A tiny voice that whispers in the night
I can't help you, I still love you

No hope and nothing to decide now
I wont leave you,I'm gonna see it through
Loose the knot on the ropes that bind you
Walk away and never look behind you

I live in the dark side of your mind
I'm distrust, doubt, hate and jelousy
It's just lust and I'm cruel to be kind
welcome to my side of sanity.


Open up your eyes and you will see
I'm within you I couldn't leave you
Let me give everything you need
I'll stand bye you always beside you

I have the truth when others will decieve you
Don't fall apart we're gonna see it through
I give the strength to break the chains that hold you
Leave today take the things I told you


I'm made from the blackness in your mind
I'm betrayel, cold, Pain and lonelyness
It's not love and I'm cruel I'm not kind
Welcome to a broken insanity

Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford
Other Stuff - Ian Burrage