Monday Man

Monday Man
Burrage 90

The car I drive may not be classic
The clothes I wear are not in style
I carry cash & don't use plastic
You can tell I'm winning by my smile

I'm your Monday man
I'm doing all I can
I'm your Monday man
I can treat You well
I can treat You well
I can treat You well today
It's Monday

I wont be fighting for forgiveness
That wouldn't get me very far
When I leave here I couldn't care less
I'm selling moon dust by the jar

Why say you're living for tomorrow
When I've got all you need today
I set the trends for all to follow
So sign my page without delay


Guitars - Bobby Clohessy
Keys - - Paulo Gomes
Bass - Andy Gupta
Drums/vocals/ryth guitar/music/production - Ian Burrage