Magical Misery Tour

Magical Misery Tour
2010 Donna Devine
In this circus of love
I’m the ringmaster
Hold on to your seat
This ride can go faster
Come into my sideshow
I say with a grin
My magical misery tour will begin
I’ve sold the last ticket
That’s all for today
The others have left
Now it’s your turn to stay

The magic’s in my loving
And the night I’ll spend with you
The misery’s in my leaving
But others are waiting too

Move closer, my lovely
Step right over here
No need for alarm, you’ve nothing to fear
I think you have secrets
You’d like me to know
So let’s dim the lights
And get on with the show

Let me take you, take you, take you
On my magical misery tour
I’ll break you, break you, break your heart
But you’ll only want me more
One ride on my painted pony
Will open heaven’s door
Let me take you, take you, take you
On my magical misery tour

First we'll ride the merry-go-round
Then the tilt-a-whirl
For one mad moment you’ll be the right girl
The simulator
Will reach such a height
Before we wipeout
At the end of the night
Lyrics - Donna Devine
Lead Guitar/ Lead Arrangement - Mike Woodford
Music,Production,drums,bass,2nd guitar,vocal,prog keys - Ian Burrage