Ian Burrage 09

Verse 1
I never wanted this
I had to love you
Broken in your fist
my life was unglued

Let me see that you can be all the things to set me free
You take me up to knock me down pull me out before I drown
break my bones and help me mend sit me up and start again
A sugar rush with no end you are my foe and my best friend

Verse 2
When I needed you
You found me
Too good to be true
You astound me

You took me out of lost and found
Turned my life upside down
I'm into you (Into you)
There is no other I can see
Can do the things you do for me
I'm into you (Into you)

And my god it scares me
What I'd do without you
Would it be the end of me
Could it be true

Verse 4
You are way too fast
Lets take it slowly
If this is gonna last
Dont try and own me

Lead Guitar - Mike Woodford
Other stuff - Ian Burrage