Eat My Brain

Eat My Brain
I Burrage 2009

I like the Dead
They've come to call me friend
I wont complain
They'll get you in the end
I love the night
It covers all my sins
Dont have to hide
I am the beast within

I keep dreamin
I'm not dreamin
Vampire at the door
He'll suck my blood for sure
I keep dreamin
I'm not dreamin
Zombie's on the lawn
HEY ......Eat My Brain

I am the wolf
I am the zombie too
The darkest fear
That lives inside of you
A rotting curse
On a dead mans lips
The pool of blood
That stains your finger tips

Halloween is just a time of year
But it brings with it a night of fear
When the sleeper dreams like a rotting corpse
And monsters roam in the minds of the chosen ones

Vampire dreams
Is all I seem to have
I'm made of parts
Assembled on a slab
And banshee's screams
They come from everywhere
I open doors
But there's no one there

Crazy Carol Sue Kirkpatrick - Vocals
Mad Mike Woodford - Guitars and Evil Laugh
Vicious Vicky Woodford - Ear splitting Screams
Insidious Ian Burrage - Drums/Vocal/Bass/Production/Stuff