I saw Scumbag at a downtown pub
His hair was clean an’ his face was scrubbed
He tried to act like we never met
He told me where to find ya on the internet
Facebook says yer a College Dean
Used to go mad for “God Save The Queen”
All those years of sniffin’ glue
I thought our thinkin’ days were through
I remember that night at CBGB’s
Her T-shirt said “I Hate the Bee Gees”
Yer spiked collar and her black lips
Ya pogo'ed around on an acid trip

And remember that night at CBGB’s
Ya said the chick was givin’ freebies
When you told her how ya never paid
She carved yer nuts with a razor blade

“No Future” was our mantra…
“No Future” was our mantra
“No Future” was our mantra
Funny how the past comes back to haunt you!
Now ya got respect and yer elbows rubbed
A membership card to the Lyon’s Club
Ya look so fab in yer suit an tie
I bet they never met that other guy

We used to puke after huffin' paint
On our girlfriend's shoes or a patron saint
On yer plonker ya tattooed Johnny Rotten
I know who you are, Mate, it ain’t forgotten
They won't know you were into The Clash
If ya stay sober at the office bash
I know how ya get when yer really smashed
By the way dude....can I borrow some cash???
Lyrics - Johnny Ace Williams/Marty Brooke
Other stuff - Ian Burrage (Stonehead)