5 More Miles

Five More Miles
 Burrage 09

My car my rules
Don't give me lies
(5 More Miles)
No worn out cheats
And alibi's
(5 More Miles)
We'll find the truth
Out here tonight
(5 More Miles)
I'm drivin hard
Into the night
(5 More Miles)

You give me five I still want more
No gettin out I've locked the door
I see behind your stupid smile
I'll take you miles and miles and miles
We'll drive beyond this wicked sin
And turn around and start again
Let's see what lies around the bend

You cheat and cry
That's no surprise
(5 More Miles)
I see beyond
that thin disguise
(5 More More Miles)
Life is hard
Out on your own
(5 More Miles)
We'll work it out
Here on the road
(5 More Miles)

Guitars - Mike Woodford
Bass - Andy Gupta
Drums/vocals/music/production - Ian Burrage