The oval marking below marks the new settlement of the Stolarskis!  Our family arrived in Suzhou and took up residency at Casa de Esplanade, an ex-pat community, on August 31st.  We moved to China from Greenville, South Carolina, because of my husband's job.  Chris works as an engineer at KEMET, a world supplier of capacitors.  I am a displaced teacher of twenty one years experience, looking forward to some time off to write a blog of all of our Chinese experiences.  We have four children.  Wes, our oldest, decided not to come to China with us, and is a Freshman at College of Charleston.  Scott (age 13), Claire (age 11),  and Cate (age 8) are all absorbing the Chinese culture with us.
The purpose of my blog is to record as many Chinese experiences as I can in order that my family can recall our year in Suzhou.  I also hope that anyone who wishes to read my musings will find them entertaining and educational.  And I'll apologize now for my lack of  a disciplined writing style.  I, unfortunately,  am no great writer!   I use too many exclamation marks, dot..dot..dots...., and run-on sentences, just to name a few of my infirmities.   Therefore, please note that I am pounding out these stories each day with an emphasis on recording my daily take on China rather than following all the correct rules of English grammar!  
 Anne on computer, blogging about China!
Many thanks to Chris for helping me learn how to use a website.  Computer technology is also not  a strong point of mine and he has worked patiently (most of the time) with me on my newest communicative endeavor!  And I'm also appreciative  to Kemet, which  employs him, for allowing us to journey away from our utmost comfort zone, Greenville, South Carolina, to be exposed to this new culture, full of intrigue for us all! 

Our move to China reflects a famous Chinese proverb..."Enjoy yourself.  It's later than you think."  Chris and I look at our time in Suzhou as an rare opportunity for our family to witness firsthand the Chinese culture: to understand a different philosophy of life, to see sights that we would never see had we stayed in Greenville, and to learn from all of our experiences many things that can only be taught by living in a foreign place.  Our plan is to "enjoy ourselves"  here, knowing whole heartedly, that life is short!  Best to make the most of it while in CHINA!

 Aerial view of our compound in China.. Casa de Esplanade.  It is made up of about sixty homes guarded by security.  Our compound is also near Jinji Lake, a tourist attraction. 
As you can see, our house is in walking distance of the large lakeside park  built ten years ago.

  Here is our home...We call it the Bling House because it has a plethora of gold fixtures inside!