Stoke Seido Karate Dojo

Hello, welcome to the Stoke Seido karate home page.

Seido karate is a traditional style of karate, which uses modern training methods, but holds onto the traditional values and discipline, which have always made martial arts so successful. The founder and grand master Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura, formed the World Seido Karate Organization on October 15, 1976 and the organization now has branches all over the world. The Stoke dojo is closely affiliated to the Nelson branch headquarters (Shibu), under Hanshi Andy Barber, an 8th dan karate master who is one of the most renown teachers in the Seido organization.

My name is Stephen Lomax. I have been training in Seido karate for over 40 years and have been the senior teacher in Stoke since 1987. I have participated in seminars, demonstrations and tournaments in New York City, Johannesburg, and Sydney, as well as many events throughout New Zealand, but my real passion is teaching karate.

I have grown up with the values of love, respect, and obedience that Seido Karate is based upon, and the etiquette and culture of our dojo reflect this. Classes are structured, and the safety of students is of primary importance. To ensure this, discipline and correct etiquette are stressed, but the teaching is respectful and encouraging. Our intention is to create a training environment in which all students feel welcome and appreciated.

Our dojo trains in the Broadgreen Intermediate School hall on Nayland Road in Stoke on Mondays and Thursdays, with new beginners classes at 7.15 pm. New members are always welcome. If you would like more information regarding classes in our dojo please phone me on (03)5483205.

Thank you for visiting our home page.

Sei-Shihan Stephen Lomax.