Stokastika Short Stories / Articles

"The Psychopathic Koan"
     July 2009 (Short Story) (Potentially to Submit to Literary Journals)
"Catch Share"
     June 2009 (Graphic Short Story) (Currently Submitted to Several Literary Journals)

"A Graduation from Religion?!!"
"Dying an Orange Death" (absurdity and pointlessness)
"An Extraordinary Dance of Science"
"An Ecology of Science: Discovering the Process of Discovery"
     October 2008 (Creative Nonfiction Journalism Article (requested by Dr. Carolyn Allen for CCS Notes, UC Santa Barbara)
"The Devaluation of Reality"
"Log-Log Scale of Reality"
"The Living Human Guinea Pig of University Bureaucracy"
"The Scale of Gigi"
"The Stigma of the Yellow Envelope"
"The Tragedy of Celebrity" (essay)
"An Immensely Minor Passing of Cat-Kat"
     April 2008 (Beginning of Short Story, Unfortunately Not to End)
"An Event Horizon of Piracy" (Film Exercise)