Stokastika Collection of Poetry / Song Lyrics

     December 2009 (song, ditty, poem)
     November 2009 (poem, ditty, spoken word)
     November 2009 (poem, ditty, song)
     November 2009 (poem, spontaneous)
"Chamise: An Apparent Diagnosis"
     November 2009 (poem, free form)
"Untended Cemeteries"
     November 2009 (poem)
"Part of the Process"
     October 2009 (ditty, poem)
     August 2009 (poem, spoken word)
"Whatever's Left of the Wild West"
     July 2009 (spoken word)
"Roll Over Me"
     July 2009 (lyrics)
"On the ocean, there are no roads."
     July 2009 (poem, spontaneous)
"Mindful of the Mountain"
     July 2009 (lyrics)
     July 2009 (poem, ditty)
     July 2009 (poem, spontaneous)