This site is based on a series of talks I gave to Stogumber History Society about various aspects of the history of the village where I have been lucky enough to live.

Stogumber is a village in the county of Somerset in the south west of England in the United Kingdom.

This site does not set out to be a comprehensive historical narrative of Stogumber but explores certain themes which throw a light on how people lived and organised  their society in the past.

I am interested in social and economic history and have tried to relate the history of this particular village in the wider national and international context which shaped events in the past just as it does today.

I would welcome feedback, positive or negative, but regret that I am not able to answer questions about family history.

More information on Stogumber's history can be found on my neighbour's website which includes a series of very well researched short articles on various aspects of Stogumber's history. I have also included some specific information about various locations in Stogumber on the village website.

I have also made available a separate series of presentations and my research on maritime trade in the Sixteenth century Bristol Channel which can be found via this link.

Dr Duncan Taylor 2014