Stogumber History

This site is under construction - and probably always will be! It is intended to be a gateway into my notes on the history of Stogumber, not a narrative history such as that given in the Victoria History of Somerset. Martin Southwood has transcribed baptisms, marriages and burials from the parish registers, which can be found here.

First a link to articles that I have written for the Stogumber Standard. These have now been augmented by links to relevant notes.

The centre of the village was often referred to as "the Town". To see the hamlets which made up the parish, click on this map.

The Trevelyans of Nettlecombe Court owned much of the north of the parish. This included Capton, Escott, Vellow, Curdon, Togford and part of Kingswood.

Several surveys of part or all of the parish survive and have been transcribed.

Lesley Morgan