William Reginald Guy Pearson - lost in an air accident

Christopher Dartnell - shellshocked

Harold Joseph Hill - a mystery in an old book
Charles William Pace - missing after action
Henry Wiliam Penn
Arthur Penn - 'he died a manly death'
Thomas Albert Pilgrim - a victim of pneumonia
George Hand Porter - life in the Heavy Battery
William Charles Purslow - died after amputation

Bernard Allen Miller Dunning - succumbed to dysentery
George Thomas Mullett - a long Army career ended in 1918
Harry Robert Burvill - sent to convalescent home
Frederick Avis - nearly went the distance
Theodore Grace Barnes - victim of a war crime at sea
Archibald Samuel Campbell - joined the war effort twice
James Stephen Clack - killed by peritonitis

Albert Sales - missing in action
Thomas Pilgrim - a long Army career ended by pneumonia
Ernest Thomas Skudder - died in bombing test
Charles Edward Small - missing possessions
H. G. Steed - left three small children
Claude Lionel Whittingham - hospital orderly
William Edward Crabb - succumbed to cerebral malaria
Frederick Charles Hayden 
Albert George Tilling - discharged with TB
Charles John Totham - joined up at 15
Arthur Stanley Manning - killed in Egypt
Norman Cairns - leaving behind a mystery
Walter Albert Ridout - returned from Canada to fight the war
Harry Albert Nixon - syphilis and conduct charges
Percy T. Bass - small and skinny
George Harry Glover - a mother's grief for her son
Leonard William Jenn - a gunshot wound to the stomach
Hugh John Kemp - first of two brothers
George Dimond - died of leg wounds

William Alfred Lamerton
John Charles Miller - returned from Australia to fight

George Ernest Starkey - too young
John Alfred Stammers
Sydney G. Smith
Edwin Charles Smart - left a wife and four children
The Stockton brothers
Arthur Webb - comfort in a rosary
Thomas Frederick Wellington - a careful man  
Edward Ernest Winter - dropped his German name
Samuel James - died a POW
Benjamin James George - died in Germany


George Jarratt - jumped on a grenade and earned a V.C.

Edgar Churcher - Olavian and student teacher

H. C. V. Williams - returned from rural Canada to fight

Henry Styles - "not right in the head"
Edward Warren - "I love Minnie Vosper"
Frederick William West - immature and undersized
Edwin Bertram Myers - Surrey  cricketer
Ernest R. J. Bailey - multiple offender
♦  Thomas Shaill - died with Lord Kitchener
Leonard Alfred Baker - leaving a widow desperate for cash
John William Hallinon - poor Emily, twice widowed
Stanley Henry Compson - sad enquiries from his father
Samuel John Crocker - "The necessity for the removal of the body is much regretted"
William Dobbins - Kennington bad boy
Arthur Thomas Faith - hardworking and unremarkable
John Walter Marr Millard - an only son
Francis Edward Gary - not suited to military life
Albert Edward Slough - fitter's mate with the Nugget Polish Co.

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