Myrtle Beach Investor Group

                           Stocks or Bonds


The Mytle Beach Investor Group, as individuals, invest in stocks, bonds and real estate.  Members receive frequent updates on stocks, bonds and real estate. 


Some members own real estate in Myrtle Beach and others do not.  From time to time, members receive notice about special buying opportunities.  We invite you to join our group.


We like to buy real estate at or near the bottom of real estate recessions.  The beach market is very volatile.  Buying at the right time and location make a world of difference in the ultimate returns received.  


To get more information, we invite you to join our group.  For details contact Jack Miller by email .  You may reach him by phone  at (336) 778-0543.

Many of our investors enjoy visiting Myrtle Beach from time to time.  We keep a calendar posted on line so members of the investment group can see which properties are available on which dates.  Our favorite resort, Kingston Plantation, is pictured on the right.  The link and name of the calendar is: Myrtle Beach Partners 

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