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  • While Stocks Consistently out-perform bonds over time; Treasury Bonds are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government
  • From 1975 to2005 big cap stocks averaged 12.95% while t-bonds returned 9.21% 
  • The average annual "Best Performance" of Stocks or Bonds" was19.3%
  • $10,000 invested at9.21%, 12.95% AND 19.3% would have grown in30 years to $156,830, $476,726 and $3,123,631 respectively (ignoring taxes)
  • The most critical portfolio decision is to know when to own stocks and when to own bonds
  • The average annual "WORST PERFORMANCE" was 4.5%
  • $10,000 invested at 4.5% for 30 years would have grown to$38,486.  
  • The difference in making great stocks or bonds decisions and horrible stotcks or bonds decisions from 1975 to 2005 in regard to a $10,000 investment is the difference between$3,123,631 and $38,486 or $3,085,145  
  • Ironically, tax liabilities due from Stocks are often less than the tax liabilities due from bonds     
  • Bonds, like Real Estate, can be leveraged heavily which can increase, or decrease returns dramatically
  • Sucessful stock and bond investors are often in the enviable position to take advantage of leveraged Real Estate investments
  • My family's best returns have been made by purchasing bonds or real eastate at the right time
  • A huge opportunity is coming in the real estate market; those who are ready can make millions   

For the past few years, we have made some of our investment ideas and decisions public. 

This has been done for informational and educational purposes only.  It has been a good

way to help others by sharing.   Much money was made by folks who took advantage of

many of our stock ideas over the years.  These included huge returns on stocks such as

NXTL, GLW, GOOG, ET, GT, AMR and CAL.  In addition to our success on our main site,, our Stock of the Week investments have dramatically out-performed a buy and hold of the S&P 500 Index and a buy and hold of Ten Year Treasury Notes.  

Sample Comment:  An investor sent the following:"Airline stocks seem to be leaking a lot of oil. I know the market has been soft and I guess there is fear among investors over inflation. Do you think this is a short term weakness in the airlines? Is there any news out there that we have missed or is this just a knee jerk reaction to oil and gas prices?" 

Yes, there is news. (Read More)

CURRENT FINANCIAL NEWS:  If the news is financial, I have a comment.  After more than 30 years of personal and professional investments, I share my comments on what's happening now..Smart investors learn to "fade" the initial reaction to news; the first reaction by Wall Street Analyst is wrong more often than not.(See More)

WAR & THE MARKET : The "War" is not about to end! Israel is using aircraft to "prepare the battlefield". Because the number of sophisticated weapons provided to Hezbollah by Syria and Iran is not known, Israel will pound Lebanon heavily before sending in the troops. Understandably, Israel wants to destroy the thousands of missiles that Hezbollah is willing to fire into civilian areas. The international community has grown tired of terrorist. While there is hope that the government of Lebanon will disarm the terrorist, the international community will stand aside to allow Israel to do the job.

As you know, I have suggested time and again that the time to buy is while there is "blood in the streets". Larry Kudlow likes to quote Rothschild who said to "buy on the sound of cannons and to sell on the sound of trumpets". Anyway you say it, the break out of war is an investment opportunity. NO--not to buy
write me for more

SMALL INVESTOR ADVANTAGE.: The  Wicked Witch (inflation) is dying and investors should act now to make serious money.  The current market rotation...(more)

Stocks:  One must go back more than 10 years to find better stock market valuations.  Ten years ago, the projected earnings to price ratio for the S&P 500 Stock Index was below where it is now, but US 10 year treasury bond yields were higher.  You may recall that the following four years were wonderful years to be invested in these stocks.  My belief is that treasury bond yields, which were down again today, are headed for the 4% range.  Should the yields reach 4%, stocks could easily support P/E ratios of 25 (let's talk about it)

TECH STOCK:     Last night I received a couple of emails about good general topics.  The questions are highly related.  Why am I buying Oracle now?  What about technology stocks?

It was neat for Larry Smith to answer both questions for me on CNBC this afternoon.  If you saw his interview, you do not need to read the rest.  

I have repeatedly pushed the idea that now is the time to get out of "little stocks", residential rental real estate and expense loaded mutual funds.  The basic reason is that you do not need a mutual fund to buy big cap stocks and big stocks out perform small stocks in the second half of the business cycle.  The same is basically true for technology stocks. 
After a deep recession, there is more than enough capacity in most industries. 
(continue reading)

 ON REAL ESTATE:   IMPORTANT: The housing index, as published by the National Home Builders Association, has collapsed!  The index dropped from 75 last fall to 35 recently.  The good news is... (more)

ON BONDS:  Bond yields are currently high. The coming rally in the bond market will further enhance the relative value of those stocks that are moving into the sweet spot of the economic cycle.  If you want to talk about important factors to consider (write me)

**We caution readers from using this market commentary independent from the Myrtle Beach Investors Group in managing their individual investments.  It is easy to buy but the time to sell is critical.  This sampling of market opinion is not complete.  More information is routinely sent to the Myrtle Beach Investors list.