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Journal club 17 April NRM

posted Apr 16, 2012, 12:09 AM by Johan Nylander   [ updated Apr 16, 2012, 12:09 AM ]

Welcome to the next Stockholm Phylogenomics Group event, which is a journal club meeting where we will discuss marginal likelihood estimation. The main paper is Xie et al. (2011), which describes the stepping-stone algorithm. For additional reading, we recommend Fan et al. (2010) and Lartillot and Philippe (2006). Paper details below

We will meet in room 525 at the Swedish Museum of Natural History on Tuesday April 17 (tomorrow) at 15.00. Ask the information desk at the main entrance if you have not been there before.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow!


Xie, W., Lewis, P. O., Fan, Y., Kuo, L., & Chen, M.-H. (2011). Improving Marginal Likelihood Estimation for Bayesian Phylogenetic Model Selection. Systematic Biology, 60(2), 150–160.

Lartillot, N., & Philippe, H. (2006). Computing Bayes factors using thermodynamic integration. Systematic Biology, 55(2), 195–207.

Fan, Y., Wu, R., Chen, M.-H., Kuo, L., & Lewis, P. O. (2010). Choosing among Partition Models in Bayesian Phylogenetics. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 28(1), 523–532.