Januari-möte den 26/1 2012 hos Google Stockholm

Tid: 17.30 26/1 2012
Plats: Google Stockholm, Kungsbron 2


1. Battlelog: Building scalable web sites with tight game integration              

Joakim Bodin & Johan Mjones, DICE

2. WebRTC: WebRTC is a free, open project that enables web browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities (voice and video) via simple Javascript APIs and HTML5. No downloads or plugins needed. The WebRTC initiative is a project supported by Google, Ericsson, Mozilla, Opera among others. Tommy WidenFlycht, Google.

3. Google Apps Scripts surprise. Magnus Bondesson & Robert Johansson

4. The Dart Language. Florian Loitsch, Google

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Svar på 'Future technology of choice..':


Multi material 3D printers for everyone.
Brain-Computer Interfaces, 'nuff said.
"Transporter" teknologi som i Star Trek 
"Unrealistic: An advanced 3D printer capable of ""printing"" complete electronic devices for cheap. If the bar to entry was significantly lowered, I believe we'd start to see some really interesting innovations from the hobby/indie scene.
Realistic: Seamless integration between everyday items (e.g. connecting everything in your home), bound together by an open protocol, with an open API built on open specifications. While the technology already exists, it's not very coherent, and you have to do a lot yourself. While such technology has a lot of potential for abuse, it also offers the ability to apply things like gamification to every day issues, turning boring into fun, and increasing productivity and efficiency."
The teleporter of course
Personal teleportation, so that I don't have to take the bus to work.
Flying car, obviously.
Eternal life (so I can haz access to all the other futuristic gizmos...)
Perfect speech recognition.
Direct neural inputs for computers (aka hands-free keyboards!)
Short term: Android in my car. Long term: Android driving my car!
5G överallt!
Trends Prediction
NFC & Google Wallet
Bed with Built-In TV
teleportation. Tänk på naturen!
Warp drive
LTE Advanced
Teleportation. Beam me up, Peter!
I could use a replicator...
A tool that can find and organize my bookmarks and old hard drives.
The neuronal-digital interfaces from Otherland (Ted Williams).
fungerande kollektivtrafik
Holodeck or transporter from Star trek.
IRL Search. Var fan tog den andra strumpan vägen?
Personal/private energy sources for all (cold fusion, etc).
Back to the future surf board
Whatever! :-) 
Mind controlled nano techology.
Bash script
Commute traffic which comes and leaves on schedule.
HTML5 working 100% in all browsers
A personal teleportation device with built in soda dispenser and a comfortable chair for those long distance teleportations.
Where's my jetpack?
Everlasting batteries
Flying Bike
Star Trek Holodeck!
"Faster than light communication"
"Semi realistic: Ubiquitous fast, responsive and wireless internet. Unrealistic: Quantum teleportation, Completely unreal: Teleportation of mass :D
Rörpost för människor som i futurama
Gravity gun.
Food beamer
Eternal life.
Upload of the human mind.
Instant Happiness!
Sweet bacon
Actual human-like sentient androids!