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Answers to "What would you make if you had a 3D printer;

A 3D printer.
South Park
pirate ship
Play with it
Mazinger Z
Yet another 3d printer
Play with it!
A 3D printer
peter svensson   (  very clever :)  )
A castle
Anime/manga figurines
A 3D printer!
Replicas av Lost Labyrinth-banor
An Atlantic Speed Sailer
Another 3D printer (just for the recursiveness)
Print Out ListenArabic.com Audience
Penrose trappa
Ett mumintroll
Gold bars...
A miniature of myself
print a ship in a bottle
A sailing boat
A 3D printer
A 3D printer
A spaceship
Disposable cutlery; less dishes!
a house
Learn 3D modelling Duh :P
a jesus christ figurine!
A cool keyring
A 3D printer
I already have a 3d printer...
A custom NFC tag chassi
A Minecraft Creeper
A 1:1 scale of the moon
What happens with a 3D printer stays with the 3D printer
A 4D printer
A new printer (reprap)
Print a printer that makes more printers
A giant lobster
3D Printers
Print food
A table saw!
A 4D printer
Another Peter Svensson
Guitar picks
2D printer
another 3D printer...
A lamp
Captain Obvious-awards for those who answer "another 3D printer" to this question
A tiny Johan Maasing
Falling Outside The Normal Moral Constraints
Perfect boobs
A vast collection of cheese-replicas.
Print a life size Chuck Noris that I could punch in the face
Tiny tiny action figures 
3 1D printers
Something geeky like my Warcraft-chars
Bet something i would regret
A lamp shade

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