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När: 17.30, 18/12 2012


1. Wrapp, Take-aways from building the Wrapp Android App.
2. Johan Lövdahl - UXVibe talks about their Erlang driven multi-user middleware mobile gaming platform

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Svar till frågan "Which old/classical computer or workstation would you love to get for christmas, maybe not to code on but for its good looks, historical importance or cutting-edge-ity of its day?":

The amiga

The original Babbage machine
Amiga 500
A sun ultra!  [Classy]

An Apple II. Suck it macbooks.
ZX Spectrum, but if space wasn't an issue: Cray I [Space is never an issue. Go crazy]
ABC800 [Jaaa]
Commodore 64
Atari ST FM
Sinclair ZX80
Atari 520
The second Babbage machine (The Analytical Engine)
Original Macintosh
Atari ST 1040
Cray Computer
"thinking machines connection machine, the big cube with all the diodes. its a mix of xmas and the monolith of 2001. " [Good call]
HAL 9000 [But decommissioned, surely?]

Any Vax/vms would do
Commodore VIC-20
Amstrad CPC
There are so many to choose from :) Have already the ZX80, ZX81 and Jupiter ACE. But an IMSAI 8080 or Altair 8800 would be cool, or why not the PET2001 with the tape recorder built into the keyboard? Well, think I'll just settle for an Apple 1.

The original Macintosh.

Apple II
Lisp machines HP Dorado Dec PDP11 sparcstation 2


The BBC micro
Amiga 500
"Sinclair zx80 . It's to cool for school. My Dad owned one. My introduction to computing. The era when you had to write code to do anything with a computer.
It's a thin sexy beast too. Ok 3.25mhz and 1kb ram isn't really a beast, but you know what I mean :)" [I totally hear you. 1KB memory including screen buffer. It's how I learned machine language. Good times!]

Apple II

Apple 2 
silicon graphics o2
"ENIAC ""the first computer"" woud be really cool!Need a bigger apartment first though ;D"
Amiga CD32 + SX1 

Commodore PET