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Tid: 12/6 2012, 17.30


1. Lennart Fridén (IT-Stil) - Ruby beyond rails

Ruby on Rails undoubtedly put the Ruby programming language on the map. However Rails grabbed such mindshare that even among fellow Rubyists, let alone non-Ruby practioners, the awareness of what else the Rubyecosystem has to offer might be lacking at times.
I will take you on a walkabout through the Rubyverse and show you that there is more to this gem of a language than simply the tracks laid down by Rails.

2. Jerker Lindgren Götsten (Sony Mobile) - SmartWatch SDK

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Answers to "What kind of super-villain lair would you build with the resources of, say, Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk?"


Niklas Zennström
Moon base
The one I already own

Orbiting death-star
The Borg Queen Rules!
A theme park with roller coasters
Legohus   [Smooth :) ]

Underwater aquarium filled with giant manta rays equipped with lasers. [+1000]
Mars base (like underhill)
Comicbook Hacker 

A modern-day Nautilus. [Mobile is the new black. Good point]

Ej penetrerbar såpbubbla
Converted bombshelter w. the usual shark+laser on their heads...
Flying gardens of Venus, just like before. [Eh? You mean those sharks? yeah!]