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201205 - HiQ

Var: HiQ Stockholm, Regeringsgatan 20.
När: 15/5 2012, 18.15 OBS!  Ändrad tid!


1. Filip Stenbeck - Sencha Touch Mobile Webapp development
2. Nik Reiman - WebImage for Android

Registrering: Öppen

Answers to non-required question "What are the three coolest companies to work for (anonymously)"

myself :)
WWL, 37 Signals
Screen Interaction
google microsoft sun
Klarna, Spotify, Voddler
Any startup facing scaling issues would be cool :)
Google, Google, Google
Google, Canonical, Chinesepod
GitHub. Google. <Insert name of my future startup here>
Rekal,Skynet,Graystone Industries
Screen Interaction, Google, spotify
NASA, Google, HiQ =)  [NASA FTW!]
The Peter Svensson Company [Aiight! :) ]
Wrapp, Valve, Splunk
Your own / Capgemini / Google
8th light, Relevance, ThoughtWorks
Virgin Galactic, MIB, Google, 
Spotify, Google, Apple
?,? and ?
Github, Etsy, Upstream
Försäkringskassan, Skatteverket och MySpace
Spotify, ESA, Tobii
Dice Google SEB
Valve, Github, (Paid Demoscene work!)
Google, spotify, Blindspot
Ding Google Monterosa 
Spotify, valtech, startups
HiQ, Google, Spotify, Framfab, Spray
eWork, Google, Microsoft
Valve, Apple, Facebook
eWork, folktandvården, HiQ
google, blizzard
Google, Microsoft, Xamarin
your, own, startup [I saw what you did there..]
Interactive Institute
Google, Apple, Alexander McQueen
Valve, Github, Armadillo Aerospace  [Quakespace, yeah!]
RagnSells, binab, google
Tyrell Corporation, Cyberdyne Systems, Omni Consumer Products, and, as a special bonus, Rekall.  [<faints/>]
Google, 37Signals, Screen Interaction
Saab, Försäkringskassan, länsstyrelsen

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