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April-möte hos MoSync/KTH

När: 26/4 2012, 19.00
Var: Lokalen E2, Lindstedsvägen 3, entréplan
Öl och Mat: Yes!

Karta, bästa vägen in är vänster in i valvet från gården, mer ståndsmässigt än att gå in från Osquars backe


1. Göran Krampe on Amber Smalltak;

HTML5 is the "new black" and lots of developers are banging their heads against the quirks of Javascript. At the same time more and more languages and tools can compile into javascript so you theoretically can avoid plain Javascript and live in a cleaner world. 

Being a die hard Smalltalker that wants to be able to build HTML5 apps in Smalltalk, Nicolas Petton created Amber (previously known as Jtalk) - a Smalltalk implementation written on top of javascript with a full IDE running directly in the browser. 

Amber is not just a command line compiler like most other similar solutions. It is something else. The presentation will be done completely in Amber and hopefully give a glimpse of the Smalltalk mindset of immersive and live software development applied to the world of javascript.

2. Developing hybrid web/native apps using MoSync SDK and Reload

HTML5 is a very promising technology which, in time, is likely to
become an increasingly viable alternative to creating mobile

However, it's not quite there yet. Device access, user experience and raw performance are still show stoppers for a large
category of applications. 

In this talk, Patrick Broman and Ali Sarrafi of MoSync will demonstrate how these shortcomings can be overcome
using the MoSync SDK and its companion tool, MoSync Reload. 

They will also showcase how MoSync's Wormhole technology, which provides JavaScript APIs for everything from sensors native UI elements, allows
developers to use HTML5 and JavaScript to build apps which are truly native.

For a hint of what will be talked about, take a look at this short
video about MoSync Reload: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evaCwmoxfbM

3. Peter Svensson om Websockets och /dev/null spelmotorn

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Svar på frågan "Which API would you dress up as, going to a masquerade;

Box API, I would just wear a cardbord box and nothing else..
win32 api
Google Maps
Ada on Rails
Google Maps API
Bits and bytes
Google Maps
DOM Level 0
I would dress up as class CNotSupportedException in MFC

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