2011 November möte

eVar:  House of Radon (http://houseofradon.com/) Regeringsgatan 109, Stockholm

När: 17.30 - 17/11 2011


1. Lars Westergren, Mejsla AB - NFC, smart cards and smartphones

2012 looks like the year when Near Field Communication usage
on smart phones really explodes, not the least thanks to Google's push
to include it in Android software and hardware. 

The presentation will explain what NFC is, and how services like Google Wallet and Android
Beam work.

2. Paris Carbone - Abzorba Games

The joy and dangers of creating multiplayer games on Android.
How to deal with key critical issues: memory management, 
responsiveness, security, battery consumption, debugging among others.
Revenue strategies and some useful statistics (I wish I had) 
to consider before making your own Android multiplayer game.

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Svar på "Månadens låt/album/artist"

Thees Uhlmann
Sloth - Wishman
Ken Ring
Animal av Nickelback (nåja, inte så ny...)
when I held ya - Moa Lignell
Klabbes Bank
I'm Gonna be (500 miles) - The Proclaimers
Breakeven - The Script (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzCLLHscMOw&ob=av2e)
Lyssnar bara på "gammal" musik :)
The Airborne Toxic Event - All At Once
Treadstone - "Six feet under"
Carbon Based Lifeforms
"du har mail" - Las Palmas
Russian Circles - Station
Deportees  - Islands & Shores  eller Justice  Audio , Video, Disco svårt val
Känner inte till något sådant
I Gotta Feeling
The Night med Frankie Vallie And The Four Seasons
Calexico- Alone Again Or
Pinball - CCK, Dooky Mackey
Best of both worlds - Hanna Monatana  [wait what?]
Stacey Kent
Mein Land - Rammstein
Like a Hurricane / Neil Young
"du har mail" - Las Palmas
Con Te Partiro/Romanza/Andrea Bocelli
Arch Enemy
Strengthen Your Mind/Gracious Mama Africa/Dezarie
Pink Floyd
lmfao sexy and i know it

+26 som inte ville svara. Alltså - det är ju det just ni lyssnar på som gäller, även om det är 'gammalt'. Är det bra så är det bra.