Who are sharebrokers?


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What are Stocks/Shares? 

Why do I buy Stocks?

Where do I buy Stocks?

How do I claim a Stock?

Why do companies issue shares?

What are types of stocks?

How are the stock prices decided?

What are BULLS and BEARS?

Why do stock prices change?

Who are the share brokers?

Risks of Shares

 Virtual Stock Market Game

Some myths: Fear on investing in stock markets

Real Stock Exchanges in India

Sensex: A brief Intro



Sharebrokers are persons who provide you expert advice which shares you’ll buy and which you’ll sell. They maintain your Portfolio. In return, they charge you. The charges are quite high – beyond reach of ordinary people. At one time, only the wealthy could use brokers to invest in the stock market.

Now with internet boom, anyone can invest. Just open and account in any online stock exchange, buy-sell your shares with your own judgment. How do you develop your judgment without burning your fingers in stock market? By playing our game! Simple! It’s a complete hands-on experience of the actual stock market!

There are online stock brokers too. They charge less than the elite stock brokers. Thus you can invest through by paying a certain 2-3% fees to the brokers. It’s just like our game – only we charge one rupee as fees!