Where do I buy the Stocks?


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What are Stocks/Shares? 

Why do I buy Stocks?

Where do I buy Stocks?

How do I claim a Stock?

Why do companies issue shares?

What are types of stocks?

How are the stock prices decided?

What are BULLS and BEARS?

Why do stock prices change?

Who are the share brokers?

Risks of Shares

 Virtual Stock Market Game

Some myths: Fear on investing in stock markets

Real Stock Exchanges in India

Sensex: A brief Intro



Simple, on internet, from the exchange sites. Even guys like Sharekhan or ICICI will do it for you. 

First let me talk about the game. Then I’ll discuss in details about the share markets. No! They are sold in the way you saw in Hindi movies – a fish market full of people running all over the place, shouting, crying, etc. 

Modern stock markets are IT savvy and the agents sit over a computer and book a share for you. Just like in the game – Our Virtual Stock Exchange

You quote a price, we’ll check if it’s ok and then contact the sellers and bingo! You can buy the share!

In modern stock exchanges, virtual buyers and sellers meet to agree upon a price at which transactions take place (Secondary Market).