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will be Kindertransport by Diane Samuels.

Performances will be 24th, 25th and 26th of November.

Tickets now on sale.

Monthly Curtain Call Meetings

Our curtain call meetings are a very popular and distinctive feature of the society. They have necessarily been limited by the pandemic but now we are back to business as usual. For more information go here.

The next meeting on the 1st Nov may be of interest to local residents other than SADS members. The first half of the evening will be readings from Ampersand - a recently published book by Lydia Fulleylove - daughter of Eve and George Fulleylove, long standing residents of Stockbridge. The book is based on Eve's wartime diaries and Lydia's response to them. Lydia and Judith Frank will be reading. As with all curtain call meetings, non-members are welcome. We just ask a £1 to cover the cost of the room. No tickets or booking required. Just turn at 7:30 on the 1st November at the Town Hall.

Radio Plays and Virtual Curtain Call

The virus meant we had to postpone all our productions and monthly curtain call meetings.

However, we used the time to record a series of audio plays using the wonders of internet technology. Click on radio plays for more details.

We are also had a virtual curtain call where members can record and share their contributions. Click on Virtual Curtain Call for more details.