A coelacanth pup - one of the 26 near-term pups retrieved from the very large female caught off Pebane in Mozambique in 1991.

This is the website of Robin Stobbs and his family.  From time to time I will add pictures of our activities and family happenings.

Me?  Well, I was born (a long time ago*!) in Nairobi, Kenya, was educated there (Hill School, Eldoret and Prince of Wales School, Nairobi), worked with a wattle tanning extract company at Eldoret and Kikuyu and then a technician at the Vet. Labs. near Nairobi, then trained as a public health and medical laboratory technician in England (where I obtained my AIMLT), spent 9 years in a Path Lab in Port Elizabeth and then, following a two year spell as a museum technician, put in 20 years as a technician at the (then) JLB Smith Institute of Ichthyology at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.  Been retired for quite a few years.  My paternal grandfather went to Kenya from India as a young lad in 1896 when he joined what was then the birth of the Uganda Railway (Lunatic Express).  Both my father and uncle were also born in Nairobi and they too joined the (then) Kenya Uganda Railways and Harbours. Have a younger brother (Norman living in England), two younger sisters (Jill living in Kenton-on-Sea and Dorothy living in New Zealand), a younger step-brother (Stuart in Cape Town) and older step-sister (Pamela in England)!!  I've lived in South Africa since 1964, first in Port Elizabeth and then, from 1972, in Grahamstown.

My interests are legion:  Model making - especially radio controlled and static model boats, the coelacanth (one day I will finish and publish my book on this enigmatic creature - it's been far too long gestating!), the dugout outrigger canoes and other small coastal craft of the Indian Ocean - especially those of the African coast, the sea and sailing, radio controlled gliders, stamps depicting ships and boats (Remember stamps?  They were the things you stuck onto envelopes before the days of e-mail!), DIY, photography (the real stuff - but that's becoming so expensive these days that I've not been into a darkroom for ages!), our family genealogy, etc. etc.   Where do I find the time? Ask me an easy question!

Ann, my first wife and mother of my two boys died in 1981 (she was a very brittle Type 1 diabetic) , my (new) wife, Gayl is a Natal girl and, in addition to a multitude of other activities, does the books for our local Home Industries shop.  She brought two more boys into the family and they are just as much my boys as if they really were.  The rest of the family consists of:  Glen, a computer buff who also sells real estate from Spain); Wayne,  also a computer 'fundi', and wife Benita and daughters Nicole and Simone all in England. Both those young and beautiful ladies now have the 'key of the door' and Simone was recently married;  Jon, an accountant, wife Lisa, daughter Amy and son Aidan; also in England and, last but not least, Gavin, our security expert, wife Chantél, daughter Roslyn and son Ryan here in Grahamstown.

Been there, done most things and have a pile of T-shirts to prove it:  Tried flying and motor racing/rallying when a kid until bank manager said I couldn't afford either.  Dinghy sailing and later in life some keelboat sailing!.  Was for a time the only qualified boat skipper at the JLB Smith Institute of Ichthyology.  Built more than one dinghy, some canoes and a small, 20ft keelboat. Served my time in the Kenya Regiment during the Mau Mau emergency.

* 1934 to be precise! 
** all as of mid-2012  

See my other website at    https://sites.google.com/site/stobbsfamily2/home    for pics and information on 'dhow' models.

You can contact me at <rstobbs-at-telkomsa.net> ...................... replace the '-at-' with you know what!