Christopher and Agnes Ingram

Agnes Ralston, wife of Christopher Ingram, died 20 October 1918, aged 72; also Christopher Ingram, husband of above, died 30 June 1924, aged 81.

Historical information


A fatal fire occurred at Avondale on Saturday evening, which resulted in the death of an elderly woman, Mrs Agnes Ingram, aged 72 years, residing at St George's Road, Avondale.

A young man named Hugh Heron was passing the house at about 7.30 on Saturday evening, when he noticed smoke issuing from the house. He immediately rushed inside and extinguished the outbreak with a few buckets of water. He then noticed Mrs Ingram lying on the floor badly burned. Dr Florence Keller was immediately summoned, but on arrival she pronounced life extinct. The husband of deceased was in the yard at the time, and it is thought that deceased, who had been ironing, had gone into the room to put away some clothes, and that a candle which she was carrying set fire to the wall. Deceased was an old resident of Avondale.
Auckland Star 21 October 1918




An old resident of Avondale, Mrs. Agnes Ingram, aged 72, died at midnight on Sunday as the results of burns received the previous evening. At an inquest held by Mr E C Cutten, S M, yesterday, evidence was given by Hugh Heron, a next-door neighbour, to the effect that seeing smoke issuing from the house occupied by Mr and Mrs Ingram, he rushed in, and found Mr Ingram endeavouring to extinguish a fire in the bathroom by means of buckets of water. The room was full of smoke, and when witness succeeded in putting out the fire, which was confined to the woodwork, he saw on the floor what he thought was some clothes smouldering. When he threw water over them there was a movement, and he then discovered that Mrs Ingram was lying there. David Ralston Ingram, a son of deceased, said that he saw his mother on Sunday. She told him that, hearing a crackling of burning in the bathroom, she went to investigate, but was overcome by the smoke, and could not find her way out. She then became unconscious, and did not know what happened afterwards. Dr Florence Keller attended the deceased after the accident. Evidence was also given that Mr Ingram was very deaf. The inquest was adjourned until to-day to obtain medical evidence as to the nature of Mrs Ingram's injuries.
(NZ Herald, 22 October 1918, p. 4)


The adjourned inquest into the death of Mrs Agnes Ingram, aged 72, who died on Sunday as the result of burns received at a fire in her house at Avondale the previous night, was resumed yesterday by Mr E A Cutten, SM.

Dr F Keller said that when she saw deceased at 9 p.m., Mrs Ingram was unconscious. Death-occurred at midnight. Death was due to shook following burns. While conscious for a time deceased said she was sitting in the dining room when she heard a noise in the bathroom. She found the room on fire and tried to put out the flames. She felt herself being burned and then lost consciousness. The coroner found that death was due to shock caused by burns received in endeavouring to extinguish a fire.
(NZ Herald, 24 October 1918, p. 6)


A resident of the Auckland province for nearly 44 years, Mr Christopher Ingram, passed away on Monday at the residence of his daughter, Mrs J H Webb, Epsom. Mr Ingram was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, 81 years ago and served his apprenticeship as an engineer on the Clyde. With his young family arrived in New Zealand in November, 1880. After a two years' residence in Whangaroa, as engineer in the Auckland Timber Company’s mill, Mr Ingram went to Avondale to erect the machinery for the brick works established by the late Mr W Hunt. He became manager of the works, remaining in that position through the various changes of ownership until 1918, when failing health necessitated his retirement. Mr Ingram was a prominent worker in the Avondale Presbyterian Church, being for many years both manager and elder, and for over 20 years superintendent of the Sunday School.

Mrs Ingram died six years ago. Mr Ingram is survived by five sons—Messrs W N Ingram, of Swanson, C and J Ingram, of Victoria, Australia, D Ingram, of Avondale, and R S Ingram, of Okoroire—and a married daughter, Mrs J H Webb, of Epsom. There are 19 grandchildren.
(NZ Herald, 3 July 1924, p. 10)

Memorial windows were installed at St Ninians Church in the early 1950s in honour of Mr and Mrs Christopher Ingram, and Mr and Mrs William Ingram. (Our First Century, St Ninians Presbyterian Church, Avondale NZ, 1860-1960, p. 19)

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