Monthly Meetings 2019

Date Subject Speaker 
7th January Observing Evening  + AGM
17th January (Thur)SNAA @ Crosshall Junior School
Observing evening with year 5 and parents
6.30pm Start
18th January (Fri)SNAA @ Flag Fen
Observing evening for all the family
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19th January (Sat) Observing Evening  
4th February Observing Evening  
12th February (Tue)SNAA @ Brampton Scouts
Astronomy Badge Observing
7.15pm Start
14th February (Thur) SNAA @ Woodcraft Folk
Laser Sky Tour & Observing
5.45pm Start
23rd February (Sat)Observing Evening 
4th March Observing Evening

13th March (Wed)SNAA @ 1st St Neots Cub Scouts
Astronomy Badge Observing
6.30pm - 8pm
14th March (Thur)SNAA @ 1st St Neots Cub Scouts
Astronomy Badge Observing
7pm - 8.30pm
15th March (Fri)        SNAA @ Buckden Cub Scouts
Astronomy Badge Observing
6pm - 7.15pm
23rd March (Sat)Observing Evening 7pm Start
1st April Out of The Dark: Pluto, New Horizons & now Ultima Thule.
Dave Eagle
13th May Solar Observing form 6.30pm

Galaxies and the Milky Way

Paul Fellows
3rd JuneLarge telescopes and why we need them
Carolin Crawford
1st July"Are we alone - is there life elsewhere?"Prof. James Hough
5th AugustFuture Concepts for Space Exploration - Life Jim, but Not as we Know ITDr Martin Braddock
2nd September

7th OctoberObserving Evening 
October (Sat)Observing Evening 
4th NovemberObserving Evening 
November  (Sat)Observing Evening 
2nd DecemberObserving Evening 
December (Sat)Observing Evening