St. Monica - St. Michael School is able to serve our students and families because of a team effort from many people. Volunteers and fundraising efforts are crucial to our continued efforts to keep our school vibrant, academically challenging and financially solvent. 

Volunteering Helps Keep Tuition Affordable
The actual cost of education per child is $11,000. Volunteer work helps to offset this cost and keep the tuition at affordable rates. 

How You Can Help
Each family is asked to commit 20 hours of volunteer work per school year. Hours may be submitted to the office. Quarterly reports of completed course will be sent home to families. 

Volunteer hours include:
  • Fundraising
  • Maintenance Work (e.g. painting, cleaning)
  • PTO projects (e.g. Friday popcorn, pizza day, driving for field trips, volunteering in classrooms)

As event dates are finalized we will post them here. Click on the 'Sign Up' button to volunteer for an event. 
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 Month  Event Date  Event
 September  9.14.17  Open House
 October  10.09.17  Gator Sales @ Bingo
   10.14.17  Gator Sales @ Shaw's in Berlin
   10.20.17  Gator Sales @ Bingo
   10.21.17  Benefit Dinner
   10.21.17  Gator Sales - Canvasing neighborhoods
   10.22.17  Gator Sales - Canvasing neighborhoods
   10.26.17  Pumpkin Glow
 November  11.01.17  All Saints Day
 December    Craft Fair
     Christmas Concert
     Pajama Give Away Program
 January    Winter Activities
01.28- 02.03.18  Catholic Schools Week
 February    Variety Show
 March    Movie Night
 April    Game Night
 May  05.07 - 05.11.17  Teacher Appreciation Week
     Book Fair
 June    Field Day
     End of Year Dance