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Faculty & Staff Listing

2016-2017 Academic Year
Teachers may be reached by calling the office at (802) 476-5015 or through their email which is the first letter of first name followed by their last name than @stmonica-stmichael.org

Sample Teacher Email Address:
Tammy Sample = tsample@stmonica-stmichael.org 

Administrative Assistant Email: office@stmonica-stmichael.org

Pastors Father Peter O'Leary - St. Monica Church
Monsignor Peter Routhier - St. Augustine Church
Principal Brenda S. Buzzell
Administrative Assistant Melody Richardson
Preschool/Pre-K Marianne Goodrich (Teacher)
Nancy Durgin (Teacher Assistant)
Kindergarten Katie Greene
Grade 1 Julie McKinstry
Grade 2 Liz Bevins
Grade 3 Antoinette Quinonez
Grade 4 Mary Lou Richardson
Grades 6 - 8 Jonathan Sines
Middle School Team
Grades 4 - 8
Mary Lou Richardson
Jonathon Sines
Art Lauren Treftz
Library and Physical Education Louise Keane
Music Maggie Cook
Computer/Technology Meredith Henes
Spanish Edda Concessi
After School Program Marianne Goodrich (Director)
Jamie Price
Title I Teacher
Position funded through Title I Program
Sandra Wells