Become a part of our Liturgical Life

Our celebration of the Eucharist is central to our life of faith as Catholic Christians.
We encourage you to participate by becoming a liturgical minister (either as a lector or Eucharistic Ministers), a mass greeter or a member of our choir.
You may even be asked to be an usher to help collect the offertory and present the gifts to the altar.

Everyone is welcome to be a part of the music ministry. Students who choose to sing at the 5:30 mass practice at 4:30 on Sunday afternoons prior to mass. There is no separate rehearsal during the week.

Those who choose to sing at one of the morning masses rehearse on Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30 from August-May. These groups have the opportunity to sing more choral music and anthems with the weekly rehearsal. All are welcome to sing at whichever mass they attend.

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"The Liturgical assembly fully requires readers, even those not instituted. Proper measures must therefore be taken to ensure that there are certain suitable laypeople who have been trained to carry out this ministry."
Introduction to the Lectionary, #52

Lectors are those who read the first and second readings at mass, along with the petitions and announcements.

Anyone can be a lector. You need to be trained and be willing to be put on a schedule.

Eucharistic Minister
"An extraordinary minister of Holy Communion is a layperson who assists the ordinary minister of the Eucharist, principally in the distribution of Holy Communion. "
Code of Canon Law, #1061, par 1.

If you would like to become a Eucharistic Minister, we offer several training sessions.

For both Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers, we ask that you dress appropriately for these ministries. We also expect you to consult the schedule for when you are serving.

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Greeters are the first faces that people meet when they come worship with us. We want everyone who walks through the doors to feel welcome and expected. If you are an outgoing, friendly person, we ask you to consider being a Greeter!

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