Campus Ministry Interns

2016-2017 Campus Ministry Interns
Marianne Robison, Matt Ahrnesn, Liz Kelly

Interns  work along side the campus ministers to serve the needs of the Catholic students at the University of Cincinnati.

Interns live together in community in a house with Fr. Al (Fr. Al lives on the first floor, the interns on the second and third floors).
There are opportunities for shared prayer, meals, and common life.

In addition to meeting with a campus minister to discuss ministry goals and community, interns meet with a mentor throughout the year.

The purpose of the internship program is to involve students in a more deliberate way in campus and parish ministry to:
  • introduce students to lay ministry
  • deepen involvement in Church
  • develop leadership skills
  • enhance peer ministry
  •  experience Christian community living
Interns help to represent St. Monica-St. George on the UC campus, to the parish at large, and to the rest of the student community. 

They are not only ministers to their peers; they are leaders who guide and offer support to the whole student group.

Hello! My name is Marianne Robison. I am a 4th year/senior and this year I am finishing up my major in Biology and my minors in English Literature and Spanish.

I am excited to intern this year because for the past three years my involvement with St. Monica – St. George has helped me to grow immensely in my faith and as a person in general, and I look forward to helping other students to have as great of a college experience as I have. I would definitely encourage students to get involved with the Newman Center because, not only have I found all of the experiences offered by the Center to be deeply fulfilling, I have also formed some of my most authentic friendships with other members of the community at the Newman Center. We all come from a variety of backgrounds in terms of our majors and hometowns, but that does not prevent us from having amazing conversations ranging from profound to just plain goofy.

I am so grateful for all of the love and joy that I have experienced with the St. Monica – St. George community, and I look forward to another amazing, fun year!

I am Matt Ahrnsen and I am a fourth year at the University of Cincinnati majoring in business economics. I was an intern last year as well and I decided to return because it was such a joy to grow in my own faith and help others grow in faith as well and I wanted to continue doing so with the internship. I hope I can make everyone feel welcome at the Newman club as we kick off another great year!

My name is Liz Kelly and I am a fourth year Industrial Management student. I cannot wait to be an intern next year and be a bigger part of all that St. Monica- St. George has to offer. I am ecstatic to grow in my faith with the incredible community I have found here, meet new people, and help facilitate some of the experiences that have had such a large impact on me throughout my college career at UC. The Newman Club has given me not only great friends, but great opportunities to grow in my faith for the past three years.