Community and Outreach

Today, the Church on campus is challenged to be a credible sign of unity and a living reminder of the essential interdependence and solidarity of all people. Thus, the faith community seeks to gather those who wish to serve others and to bring healing to those in the academic world who are restricted by artificial barriers and wounded by alienating practices.
Empowered by the Spirit #37

The ministry of presence in which leaders of the faith community make themselves available by being on campus regularly and getting involved in activities and events is a valuable way of making initial contact with potential members of the faith community and of enhancing existing relationships."
Empowered by the Spirit, #39
We seek to make St. Monica-St. George a place to belong by meeting students on campus in two ways.

1.   We want to reach out to those who are searching for a community of faith and friendship by engaging students in our class rooms, residence halls and throughout campus.

2. We want help strengthen our Catholic Community  by providing opportunities for deepening our relationships with each other while having lots of fun!


  • After Mass Hospitality
  • Tabling on Campus
  • Game Nights
  • Ice Skating
  • Movie Nights
  • Bowling
  • Spring Formal