The St.Thomas More Men's Club is an organization for fun, fellowship and yes, some hard work on occasion. The group has ran several BBQ Fundraisers, hosted years of Intramural Basketball, celebrated many LSU and Saints games, cleaned up the school and church grounds, participated in the annual parish fair setup and tear down, hosts the Annual Summer Family Day, and a host of other events centered around fellowship and growing the participation in the parish and school.

We encourage you to join the Men's Club not only to offer your services but meet other working parents of the parish and enjoy the wonderful fellowship. Membership is $25 per year or $300 for a lifetime membership.

To become a St.Thomas More Men's Club Member, email the following to:



Address (including city, state, zip)



Membership dues are $25 (or $300 lifetime) a year and can be paid on the Mens Club Donations page.