March 7th, 2015 

Oh the Places You'll Go!

They're off to great places!
Today is their day!
Their mountain is waiting,
Help them get on their way!

The kids need more books,
some new reading nooks. 
PE equipment, art stuff and coat hooks!

So get on your thinking caps,
ask all your friends...
Let's build us an auction
to help our school meet ends!

So you want to help,
but you're not sure how.
I'll give you ideas! 
Right here and right now!
Ask for donations, 
search high and search low
Take a donation letter
wherever you go!

Off on a trip to a really great spot?
See if they'll donate a stay, why not?
The worst they can say is 'no, not today'
and if you are lucky, they'll see it your way!

Or see if they'll sponsor us!
Each dollar counts! 
And sponsors get ads placed
for every amount!

Be brave and be bold,
ask and receive.
We all have to try hard.
We have to believe!