Our Team

We have a dedicated team at St Michael's School who are passionate about working in partnership with families, to shape our children into being confident Christian individuals.

Joan McGrath, Acting Principal

Lynne Provoost, Deputy Principal, Teacher 2 & 3

Dale Gyton, Teacher Year 4 & 5

Fia Neru, Rest in Peace

Deb Williams, Teacher Year 5 & 6

Adrianne Rangiwhetu, Office Manager

Noela Paselio, Teacher Aide

Kirsty Mullany, Teacher Aide

Bernadette McVey, Reading Recovery Teacher

Jude Spier, Teacher Aide

Nga Tiaki, Teacher Aide

Edna Mahoney, Libarian Teacher Aide

Hio Kelemete, Teacher Year 7 & 8

Kelani Tagoai, Caretaker

Lina Paula, BOT Chairperson