Our Classes

At St Michael's, we understand the importance of teacher student ratios and aim to keep these down. We have five classes which cover Years 1 through to Year 8. Each class is named after a Catholic person who exhibited the Christian values, St Michael's School honour.

Mother Teresa (MT)

Starting school can be very daunting for little children and we understand this. Mother Teresa is primarily for the new entrant Year 1 students. As we know, learning in a formal environment can be hard at first. This class has a teacher aide to assist with children's learning.

Peter Chanel (PC)

Peter Chanel caters to Years 3 and 4. Learning becomes more complex in this class, with the foundation concepts being learned in the previous classes.

Thomas Aquinas (TA)

Thomas Aquinas is our senior class and therefore caters to students in Years 7 and 8. This class promotes the students to become more independent in their studies, to prepare them for their transition into college.

Suzanne Aubert (SA)

Suzanne Aubert class caters for children in Year 2. Like the Mother Teresa class, SA also has a teacher aide that works alongside the teacher. This class helps children to build on their learning gained from the Mother Teresa class.

John Bosco (JB)

John Bosco class is made up of children in Years 5 and 6. This class encourages children to start linking concepts learned in the classroom, with the real world.