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Members of St. Michael's Vestry and the yearend in which their term expires:
Dick Babeu (2013)
Sr. Warden

Lori and I love the warm, friendly and welcoming spirit of St. Michael's.  I am looking forward to serving on the vestry.
Paul Brown (2013)
Jr. Warden

St. Michael’s represents an oasis in a crazy hectic world where truly all are not only welcomed, 
but supported through all aspects growing and living in God’s creation. It is an inclusive community where everyone supports, participates, and contributes not only to the congregation, but to the larger community in which we live. Through community we face the joys, challenges, questions, and concerns of life together to make all of our journeys easier and more fulfilling.

Lynne Lapicz  (2012)

From the moment my family and I came through the door and worshipped at St. Michael's, we knew we had found our spiritual home.  We were truly welcomed.  We are renewed each Sunday with spiritual guidance, fellowship, and good food.

Reggie Randle (2013)
Al Robertson (2012)

I came to St. Michael's looking for office space, and instead I found a home.
Ragan Sutterfield  (2012)

I came because I was invited.
I stayed because I was welcomed.
And now I am entangled in a community that challenges me, frustrates me, and ultimately draws me toward Christ and the life of his body in the world.

David Maddox (2014)
Judy Lohmar (2014)
Jim Herden (2014)

Vestry Officers:

Jeannie Bates 

Morris Little 

St. Michael's was there to comfort and be with me during a difficult time, and now I'm paying it forward. 
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