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Sharing the Good News does not just happen on Sundays -- it happens every day.  In fact, every moment is an opportunity to more fully live into and share God's love.  

We intentionally make our building and facilities available to groups and organizations who share a vision of reconciliation, justice and peace.  St. Michael's is home to San Damiano Ecumenical Catholic Church we continuously try be aware of other ways in which the building and facilities might be used to share the Good News.  

St. Michael’s is a “roll-up your sleeves and pitch in kind of place.” 
We, as your Vestry, have just made it easier for you to do just such a thing. Below you will find a list of ministry needs and their coordinators. (Some ministries may need coordinators; perhaps that’s your gift.) 
Please peruse the list and see where you want to come on-board with your talents and time…and contact the leader that is listed. 
This list does not preclude activities, events, ideas, etc., that will come up in the unfolding life of our church. It does, however, and importantly, give us a base understanding of our starting place and our resources of time and talent. 
Everyone can pitch in at their level of availability so, if you are interested at all, inquire. Surely, there is a way you can help! 
If something is not listed that you are interested in doing, please contact Dick Babeu at rbabeu@aol.com or by calling him at (501) 803-4756.

Ministries - January 2013


   Finance                                            Ken Bland, krbland@comcast.net, ken.bland@aecc.com, 350-2180

   Office Assistant/Helper                    Suzanne Mackey, stmikes@stmichaels-church.net , 224-1442

   Stewardship                                     Ed Wills, ewills@stmichaels-church.net, 240-7772

Buildings & Grounds

   Buildings (Junior Warden)               Paul Brown, paulb15480@aol.com, 707-5244

   Grounds (Junior Warden)                Paul Brown, paulb15480@aol.com, 707-5244

   Fluffers                                             Coordinator needed.  Contact: Suzanne Mackey, stmikes@stmichaels-church.net , 224-1442

   Memorials                                          Coordinator needed.  Contact: Ed Wills,  ewills@stmichaels-church.net, 240-7772

   Columbarium                                   Coordinator needed.  Contact: Ed Wills,  ewills@stmichaels-church.net, 240-7772

   Playground                                       Rhea Fix, rhea.fix@comcast.net, 350-5201

   Landscape                                       Dana Downes, danadownes@yahoo.com, 804-3792

   Green Team/Environmental Concerns             Coordinator needed.  Contact:  Lisa Hlass,  lisa@stmichaels-church.net, 247-7010


   Newsletter (Office)                          Suzanne Mackey, stmikes@stmichaels-church.net, 224-1442  

   Web Master (Office)                        Suzanne Mackey, stmikes@stmichaels-church.net, 224-1442


   Greeters                                           Coordinator needed.  Contact: Andrea Wills, willsjr@sbcglobal.net, 258-1793

   Incorporation                                    Ed Wills, ewills@stmichaels-church.net, 240-7772

Adult Formation

   Adult Education (Asst. Priest)          Lisa Hlass, lisa@stmichaels-church.net, 247-7010

   Education for Ministry (EFM)          Kaki Roberts, kakissg@comcast.net, 416-4151

   Cursillo                                             Judy Lohmar, jude16@comcast.net, 765-0355

   Library                                              Louise Montgomery, louiselanier@yahoo.com, 837-752

 Youth Formation

   EYC (Youth Director)                      Zoltan Lapicz, zlapicz@sbcglobal.net, 590-0755                              

   Youth Advisor                                  Zoltan Lapicz, zlapicz@sbcglobal.net, 590-0755

   Youth Confirmation                          Ed Wills, ewillis@stmichaels-church.net, 240-7772

   Children & Families Formation (Director)    Marna Franson, marnafranson@yahoo.com, 412-2793

   Catechesis Guild                              Marna Franson, marnafranson@yahoo.com, 421-2793

   Catechist                                          Marna Franson, marnafranson@yahoo.com, 421-2793

   Catechesis Bags                              Andrea Wills, willsjr@sbcglobal.net, 258-1793,

   Christ Child Guild                             Coordinator needed.  Contact: Marna Franson,  marnafranson@yahoo.com, 412-2793

   Family Greeter                                 Coordinator needed.  Contact: Marna Franson,  marnafranson@yahoo.com, 412-2793 

   Family Fun Dinner Coordinator       Mark Mulkerin, markmulkerin@yahoo.com, 590-4743

   Meditation for Children                    Ragan Sutterfield, rksutt@yahoo.com, 208-7915,

                                                            Emily Sutterfield, hardinee@ymahoo.com, 208-7915

    Purchasing Agent                           Whitney Montague, wemontague@sbcglobal.net, 772-2563

    Tweener Assistant                          Nursery staff as needed.  Contact:  Marna Franson,  marnafranson@yahoo.com, 412-2793

    Rite 13 Coordinator/Teacher          Janet Buford, jmbuford@sbcglobal.net, 772-6460

    Art Room                                        Leigh Wilson, leighdupuy@gmail.com, 515-3590

                                                            Rita Cunningham, rita.cunningham@arkansas.gov, 580-6602

    Children’s Choir                              Kelly Brazile, kbrazile@swbell.net, 247-6174,

                                                            Julia Foster-Hughes, julesofoctober@yahoo.com, 606-9719,

                                                            John Stauffer, johnstauffer26@gmail.com, 416-1342


   Worship Ministries Schedule           Beth Retzloff, granddesigns@att.net, 920-2036  

   Plate Bearer                                     Beth Retzloff, granddesigns@att.net, 920-2036  

   Oblationer                                        Beth Retzloff, granddesigns@att.net, 920-2036

   Service Coordinator                         Beth Retzloff, granddesigns@att.net, 920-2036

   Worship Leader/Lay Reader           Beth Retzloff, granddesigns@att.net, 920-2036

   Lector                                               Beth Retzloff, granddesigns@att.net, 920-2036

   Host                                                  Beth Retzloff, granddesigns@att.net, 920-2036

   Eucharistic Minister                         Beth Retzloff, granddesigns@att.net, 920-2036

   Traditional Choir (Music Dir)            Elizabeth Plowman, e.plowman@hotmail.com, 225-1483

   Altar Guild                                        Cindy Reyes, cindyreyes@yahoo.com, 888-3672

   Folk Choir                                        Beth Retzloff, granddesigns@att.net, 920-2036

   Intercessor                                       Beth Retzloff, granddesigns@att.net, 920-2036

   Acolytes                                           Rita Cunningham, rita.cunningham@arkansas.gov, 580-6602

   Lay Euch. Visitor/Pastoral Care      Madge Brown, madgebrown@aol.com, 666-7360

   Flower Guild                                     Colleen Considine, Colleen.Considine@acxiom.com, 690-6704,

                                                            Dana Downes, danadownes@yahoo.com, 804-3792

   Liturgy Committee                           David Odekirk, odekirk@fisglobal.com, 221-7827



   Committee Head(s)                         Caroline Stevenson, cstevenson53@comcast.net, 425-4081,

                                                            Lisa Hlass, lisa@stmichaels-church.net, 247-7010

   Our House Cooks                            Kathy Wells, katwells@earthlink.net, 960-6918 (Board Member)

                                                            Madge Brown, madgebrown@aol.com, 501-666-7360

   Episcopal Peace Fellowship of AR Lisa Hlass, lisa@stmichaels-church.net,247-7010

                                                           Caroline Stevenson, cstevenson53@comcast.net, 425-4081

   Epis. Mental Health Network           Bean Murray, beanmurray@swbell.net, 831-7321

   Lucy’s Place                                    Kay Morgan, sbfbcbtbmu5@yahoo.com, 501-764-0237

   Habitat for Humanity                       Coordinator needed. Contact: Dale Custer, dc6482@att.com, 416-1819

   Camp Mitchell                                 Coordinator needed. Contact: Lisa Hlass,   lisa@stmichaels-church.net, 247-7010

   St. Francis House                           Gretchen House (Board Member), grethouse@att.net

Parish Life

   Coffee Hour Host                            Beth Retzloff, granddesigns@att.net, 920-2036  

   Dragon Dinners                                Becky White, ringo999@comcast.net, 681-5681

   Episcopal Church Women (ECW)  Millie Hillard, mhillard@arbbs.net, 501-351-4238

   Mike’s Men                                      Dale Custer, dc6482@att.com, 416-1819

   Receptions/Special Events              Coordinator needed. Contact: Ed Wills,  ewills@stmichaels-church.net, 240-7772                                                                                        

   Mutual Care                                     Kathy Wells, katwells@earthlink.net, 960-6918

   Kitchen Keeper                                Coordinator needed.  Contact: Paul Brown,  paulb15480@aol.com, 707-5244  

   Ladies’ Night Wine & Cheese          Rhea Fix, rhea.fix@comcast.net, 350-5201