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Below are slideshows of Parish events and activities. Press the play button to view photos. For photos from 2009 - 2007, please visit this page. You may view other videos, some of which are not listed below, on our Youtube page.

Mushroom Picking 2011

Mushrooms, from forest to food from Vanessa L on Vimeo.

Our Lady of Guadalupe and Divine Mercy Enthronement

Veneration of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Divine Mercy Enthronement

Solemn Mass led by Bishop Terry Brady, as well as veneration of the images of Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Gaudalupe. The day was extra special as it marked the beatification of Pope John Paul II and the 30th anniversary of Fr. Jerzy's ordination to Priesthood.

Mushroom Picking 2011

Mushroom Picking 2011

Photos of members of our Church community picking mushrooms on Easter Tuesday.

Easter Triduum 2011

Easter Triduum 2011

Photos from Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Saturday Masses.

Thanks and Final Blessing, Easter Vigil 2011

Thanks and Final Blessing on Easter Vigil, 2011

Liturgy of the Eucharist Easter Vigil 2011

Part 2 of the Liturgy is available on our youtube channel

Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday 2011


Veneration of the Cross at St Michael's on Good Friday including the Ladies of Jerusalem and original music by music ministry Thomas and Alex.

Holy Communion on Good Friday 2011

Holy Communion on Good Friday 2011.

Ten Thousand Angels Good Friday 2011

The song "Ten Thousand Angels" performed in St Michael's on Good Friday. An alternative video of the same song performed on Holy Thursday is also available.

Washing of the Feet Holy Thursday 2011

Parishioners of St Michael's have their feet washed by Father Jerzy on Holy Thursday.

Christmas in our Parish 2010

Christmas 2010

Photos from Christmas 2010 the Family Mass.

Fr Jerzy's European Trip Part I

During the month of June 2010, Fr. Jerzy made his way to France, Italy and the Vatican to celebrate the end of the Year of the Priest with over 15 000 other priests! Here is a selection of his photos from this trip, as well as photos from his stop over in Singapore. We pray for Fr. Jerzy and all the clergy for their steadfast love of God. May they follow the example of St. John Vianney and may our own prayers strengthen their resolve to continue to celebrate the word of the Risen Lord.

Fr. Jerzy's European Trip Part I

Fr. Jerzy's European Trip Part II

Fr. Jerzy's European Trip Part II

Easter Vigil Ceremony, 4 April 2010

Easter is the number one feast for all Christians, it represents the true power of God, Jesus Christ, our salvation. Our Easter Vigil ceremony commenced with the Liturgy of the Light, during which the paschal Candle was blessed and lit, and the Exultet was proclaimed. It was followed by the Liturgy of the Word, recalling from scripture how God's plan for salvation of the world developed and culminated in the death and resurrection of Christ. After the Homily, new Holy Water was blessed to be used throughout the year. This was followed by the Mass of the Resurrection.

Easter Vigil 2010

Blessing of the Easter Food, 4 April 2010

Parishioners, regular and new, came to visit our annual Blessing of the Easter food ceremony. We may bless our Easter meal with the following prayer: Creative God and Lord of Life, you call from the darkness of death all those who love you. We rejoice on this Easter Sunday. Visit our home and this table with your bright blessing of peace and life. Bless those who worked to prepare this meal and bless all of us who shall share it with Easter love and joy. May you then bless this table and food and each of us in your Holy name: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Blessing of Easter Food

Good Friday Easter Ceremony, 3 April 2010

Good Friday is one of the holiest days in the Church calendar, as we remember Christ's death and follow His steps to his crucifixion. We remember that Jesus died for our sins.

Good Friday 2010

Pesach Ceremony with Rabbi Haim Perez, 23 March 2010

Members of our Parish gathered on the evening of 23rd March to learn, understand and participate at the most important Judaic religious holidays, Pesach, where we met Rabbi Haim Perez, head Rabbi of Maroubra Synagogue. We participated in the Passover ceremony, partaking of the Seder plate and Pesach ritual. Also present were Anne Slattery, member of our Parish and Councillor with Botany Bay Council, and the Botany Bay Council Mayor's wife, Christine Hoenig, who assisted Rabbi Haim. Our own Easter celebrations have their roots in Passover. You can find out more information about these rituals on our Easter page

Passover, Seder Plate and Pesach with Rabbi Haim

Ashes to Easter Family Concert, 27 February 2010

After Saturday's Vigil Mass our Church community celebrated with a concert representing Lenten themes performed by Peter Kearney.

Ashes to Easter Family Concert

Many thanks to all those who took the photos used in these slide shows. If you would like a photo you appear in removed, or if you have photos of Church events you would like to add, please email Jasmine at