This year the Senior Football Team entered the elite AA tier one division and dispite a 0-6 record, the team was in a position to win each game but one.   This young team showed the entire league that they belonged in AA football and that they would be a force in the near future.
The team was led by Matt Forsburg, Colin Alie, Carl Alleyne, Jason Harps, Colin Levere and Rick Ronberg.
Rick Ronberg, Carl Alleyne, Colin Levere, Jason Harps, Matt Forsberg, Rob Ronberg, Ian Irving, ian Marchand, Allan Bradley, Martin Suchma, Colin Alie, Jerry Karakachuck, Mark Ouellet, Dexter Bothwell, Brian Cormier, Baz Mansory, Omar Hajm, Claude Nadeau, Mary Deschambault, Tim Kawarskim David Randall, Jeff Gates, Mark Larporte, Scott Delaney, Mark Skinner, Brandon Wawak, Jason Hillier, Todd Morrison, Michel Leveille, Shane Hamilton, Keith Desnoyer, Donovan McCoy, Paul Riopelle, Jason Redmond
 F. Farinaccio, G. Schreider, A. Rozman, F. Nigro, M. Heney,


The first year in Tier 1 for the Senior Tigers.