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How to enroll in St. Matthew’s E-mail lists

The purpose for using group e-mail lists here at St. Matthew Lutheran Church is to easily keep all members current on church related communications without each member having keep up with several constantly changing individual e-mail addresses. Using the free Google Groups service, four group e-mail lists have been created to join. The council group e-mail list is reserved for the current elected council. Most members will only join two of the group e-mail lists. If some families share one e-mail address, you may join three (members, men, and women) to make sure you are up to date on all church communications.

  1. The four group e-mail lists for St. Matthew Church are:
    1. Members, both men and women (stmatt_members@googlegroups.com)
    2. Male Voting members (stmatt_men@googlegroups.com)
    3. Female members (stmatt_women@googlegroups.com)
    4. Council is reserved for elected members.
  2. To start, send one e-mail from your personal or work e-mail account that you wish to use to receive church communication addressed to each of the group e-mail addresses listed above that you wish to join.
  3. Once the moderator approves your request to join, you will start receiving e-mail from the group. If you have information to share, simply send an e-mail to the appropriate group by sending to one of the group e-mail addresses above. It will automatically forward to the entire group.
  4. If your e-mail address changes, repeat Step 2 but indicate in the subject of the e-mail that this is a change of address (and who you are if it is not evident in your e-mail address).

If you are having trouble please let one of the coucil members know and we will be glad to help.