St. Mary's Anglican Church
178 Memorial Drive, Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Sunday Services at 8:30am, 10:30am and 7:00pm

Weekly Services - Video 
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March 2018

Join us for our March 25 Service  https://youtu.be/gdmkor0qruE

Join us for our March 18, 2018 service here https://youtu.be/fAS7gDHwU9o

Join us for our March 11 service https://youtu.be/wbaUp_TExds

Join us for the March 4th service . https://youtu.be/JWT9LdK6olo

Join us for our March 11 service https://youtu.be/wbaUp_TExds

February 2018

Watch our parting tributes to Rev. Robin here:https://youtu.be/jiZnhKt8Tb4

Watch our very special February 25 Wedding service here: https://youtu.be/y-qG2EyfgaI

February 11 service  https://youtu.be/Tl2b_lCbjP0

January 2018
Jan 28th service. https://youtu.be/jLGUCr8ya38

January 21 service https://youtu.be/cXNRwkeLIrc

Sunday, Jan. 14 2018 service

January 7th 2018 service. 

December 2017

Join us for our Christmas Eve service...

Watch our Dec. 24, Jesus' Birthday Party https://youtu.be/fK5MCf88x7w

Watch our 2017 Memorial Hymn Sing https://youtu.be/sBoW5qQjmvc

Join us for the December 17, Children's Program https://youtu.be/Nw8vPneT8v8

Join us for our December 10, 2017 Service https://youtu.be/aX-W1kD4h0c

Join us for the Dec.3, 2017 Service https://youtu.be/8yHt8H4nz_s


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We're almost there!

In 2012 we invested in a new Rectory and with the goal of having it completely paid for in under 10 years. We're now 5 years in and just about $50,000 away from our goal!
Help our Church make this happen so that we can better focus on the ministry of the Church. Your tax-deductible donation would be very much appreciated.

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We extend a warm welcome to all our guests.  We appreciate your

presence with us and pray that you will receive a blessing.

                  REVERSE OFFERING SUNDAY   

    What is Reverse Offering?

    The third Sunday of each month we have Reverse Offering.  Envelopes are passed out to be used to make a special offering to help pay for the new Rectory.  Our monthly payment is $1500.00.  This is an important investment for the Parish of St. Mary’s. We encourage everyone to support the Rectory Fund  and we are very grateful to  those who are our regular supporters


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