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How To Order Reo Mesh A Quick Guide To Reinforcing Mesh Reinforcing mesh - or “reo mesh” - is frequently used on construction projects in St. Mary’s. Reozone is a leading provider of reo mesh in St. Mary’s. We will provide a helpful guide to the properties of reo mesh, its uses, and the types of reo mesh that are available in St. Mary’s. Uses Of Reo Mesh Strengthens Concrete Prevents Cracks Concrete Slabs The main purpose of St. Mary’s reo mesh is to increase the tensile strength of concrete. Tensile strength refers to a material’s ability to withstand forces that would pull it to the breaking point (a rope has high tensile strength, for instance). Reo mesh can prevent concrete from being pulled apart by the elements. It can also prevent cracks from forming in concrete. Given its capabilities, St. Mary’s reo mesh is used in many construction projects, including concrete slabs, slab floors, driveways, retaining walls, prefabricated cages, and precast components. Reozone can provide reo mesh for your construction project in St. Mary’s. Sizing Reo Mesh We Have A Range Of Sizes Largest Selection In Greater Sydney Longitudinal Wire Sizes Edge Wire Sizes Cross Wire Sizes Reo mesh sheets typically range in size from 4m (length) by 2m (width) to 6m (length) by 2.4m (width). Here at Reozone we have the whole range of St. Mary’s reo mesh sizes. We are one of the few reo mesh providers in St. Mary’s to have such a wide range of sizes. Longitudinal wire sizes, edge wire sizes, and cross wire sizes can vary. We have a wide range of these sizes as well. Types Of Mesh Square Mesh Rectangular Mesh Ute Mesh Trench Mesh There are 4 basic types of St. Mary’s reo mesh: square mesh, rectangular mesh, ute mesh, and trench mesh. Here at Reozone, we carry all four types of reo mesh. Square mesh is an all purpose concrete reo mesh that is typically used for flat concrete areas (such as floors and/or walls). D500L grade ribbed wires are welded together during manufacture to make the square apertures. Rectangular mesh, on the other hand, is ideal for when extra strength is required in a given direction. This St. Mary’s reo mesh is most often used for walls and concrete floor slabs. Another St. Mary’s reo mesh product that Reozone offers is ute mesh. This product is specially designed and manufactured to fit safely/legally into the back of utes and trucks--without any dangerous overhang. Ute mesh sheets can be transported safely. Due to their small size, it only takes one person to handle sheets of ute mesh. Customers like to use ute mesh for its safety and convenience. Reozone also sells trench mesh in St. Mary’s. As the name implies, trench mesh is typically used for residential footing trenches and concrete beams. Trench mesh is made from D500L ribbed wire. It is manufactured using a range of longitudinal wires which can measure up to 12mm in diameter. Give us a call to ask about our trench mesh in St. Mary’s. St Marys reo mesh St Marys reinforcing mesh St Marys waffle pods St Marys trench mesh St Marys concrete mesh St Marys reo bar St Marys concrete reinforcing mesh St Marys reinforcing bar St Marys steel reinforcement reinforcing mesh in St Marys