Feed My People

Our ministry began in the Summer of 2015. The Holy Spirit placed God's command on our hearts. “..feed my people.” We wanted to feed his people. But, it had to be good, healthy, solid food. God's people deserve the best we can give.

Since our church is located in the downtown area, we are privileged to have contact with the homeless population, on a daily basis. Among other items, their request for food is always part of any discussion.

We sought to help the struggling families in our parish and assist the homeless. We felt the parish would be able to support both populations in need of food.  St. Mary's parishioners have been very generous and supportive of the programs.

The Feed My People pantry has a 'bag tree' in the vestibule of the church. Paper bags are hung with a grocery list attached, outlining the items needed for either the family bags or the lunch bags. Our parishioners fill a bag with whatever items they've chosen to purchase from the list. They are able to return the filled bags to either the receptacle in the vestibule or the church office.

We have teams of 2-3 making lunches, Monday through Friday. We're making 35 lunch sacks a day. The lunch contains a Wet One, a bottle of water, fresh fruit, either a PBJ or cheese sandwich, a salty snack and a sweet treat. 

At present, we have 40 registered families receiving a grocery bag every month.  A team from the March of Dimes bags the groceries for the families. This includes tortillas, bags of rice and pinto beans, pasta, cans of soup, tomato sauce, vegetables, tuna, canned pasta, peanut butter, and jelly.

The Pantry is also here to assist other ministries in their work. We provide food to other communities in Oceanside via the St. Vincent de Paul Society, baby food is collected and distributed to the military base by the Altar Society, the volunteers, who watch the children of the RCIA participants, are given kid friendly snacks and drinks.  We've provided food for other faith communities, when their pantries have been lacking.

Recently, we've begun to support various ministries with their celebratory receptions.  We believe if all ministries assist all ministries, the parish can only grow stronger.