Welcome to St. Mary's Orthodox Church in Cornucopia Wisconsin.

Parish Background

St Mary Orthodox Church began to be organized in 1906, and was permanently established in 1909. Its founders were Orthodox Christians of Slavic background. Most moved to the area with the promise of land ownership and employment in the logging industry. As their Orthodox Christian faith was essential to their lives, the building of the Church community was a natural outcome. With the gradual closing of the lumber industry, many families migrated to other parts of the region, while some families stayed in the area.

Always having been a small parish, St Mary's nonetheless maintains a regular seasonal worship schedule, and continues to attract worshippers and tourists during the non-winter months. Set in the woods at the edge of this Lake Superior village, St Mary Church of Cornucopia provides an anchor of faith for its parishioners and a spiritual retreat for travelers. 

Service Schedule

10:30 AM Reader Service or Divine Liturgy. From April through November, there is some type of service every Sunday at 10:30. Divine Liturgy is served monthly.

For pastoral emergencies, call Fr. Ted at  (651) 631-0265. 
For General Information, call George Lazorik at  (715) 742-3409.

Parish Contacts

Lay Leadership
Mr. George Lazorik, Contact Person/Church President
22205 State Highway 13
Cornucopia, WI 54827
(715) 742-3409

Serving Priest

V. Rev. Thaddeus Wojcik (Fr. Ted)     
1867 W Ryan Ave
Roseville,  MN,  55113   
Spouse: Karen

Home Phone:
651) 631-0265
Email: tpwojcik@comcast.net
Diocese: OCA-MW

Priest in Charge as Dean
of the Minneapolis Deanery
V. Rev.  Paul Wesche
Rector, St. Hermans OCA
5355 38th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55417
Home: (612) 722-2506
Email: stherman@sthermanmpls.org